Automation of processes: Recognizing and exploiting potential


Whether it's washing machines, vacuum robots or coffee machines - machines are taking over more and more tasks not only at home, but also at work. We explain to you what is behind the automation of processes and how you can use the potential of Industry 4.0 for yourself.

What is Machine Learning? Algorithms, methods and examples

Symbol image Machine Learning

Due to the rapid increase in computing capacity and enormous amounts of data, Machine Learning is shaping our everyday and professional lives today. We explain to you what Machine Learning is all about and how your company can use this driver of innovation to rapidly gain momentum for the future.

basics of robotics definition types and use


A few decades ago, robots were pure science fiction, but today it's hard to imagine life without them. Whether as a small everyday helper for vacuum cleaning, for manufacturing cars in industry or for exploring foreign planets - robots have long since taken on a variety of different tasks. In our article, we explain what robotics means and how programmed machines can support you in your tasks.