Qualification for the job role of data analyst

Data Analyst Course

Course description

Ongoing digitalization is leading to companies identifying data as a crucial factor in securing the future and being competitive. Demand for specialized employees who can effectively process and analyze data has been growing rapidly for several years. Data analysts play a central role in the digital transformation. They are the link between the specialist departments and executives in order to aggregate data and prepare recommendations for making data-driven decisions. The Data Analyst – Focus on Python course enables participants to independently clean, prepare and visualize data and to make company-relevant predictions. Participants also gain in-demand Python programming skills and statistics skills to qualify for the role of data analyst or other analytical roles upon successful completion of the course.

In this  course you will learn:  

  • How to implement complex data analyses in your domain of expertise
  • How to combine data sources (databases, APIs, web crawling)
  • How to understand the work steps within a complex analysis
  • Best practices for implementing data analytics
  • How to gain a competitive edge with data-driven decisions
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    Target Audience  

    This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Python as a programming language and perform data analyses themselves. All you need is a general motivation to perform data analyses on your own and to learn the programming language Python in the shortest possible time.

    Prerequisites for participation 

    No programming knowledge is required for the training. These skills are covered in the first module. However, your daily routine should involve using computers and common software applications.
    Online course
    72 hours
    2 modules + 8 business cases + 1 final project
    German or English
    Certificate of completion
    €2,990.00 plus VAT
    €3,558.10 incl. VAT

    Course overview  

    Data Literacy

    Python is the #1 programming language for machine learning and data science and is relatively easy to learn, even for beginners.


    Apply what you have learned in interactive assignments and a final project where you perform an independent data analysis with an industry data set.

    engagiertes Mentoring

    This course will qualify you directly for the job role of data analyst, as well as other analytical roles in BI, marketing or finance.


    • Learn Python basics in a data analysis context
    •Deepen programming knowledge in data-driven business scenarios
    •Develop programs to automate data analysis
    •Import and process data with the Python module Pandas
    •Incorporate external data sources into analyses
    •Apply basic statistics to company data
    •Data visualizations using Pandas, Matplotlib, and other Python modules
    •Implement a data pipeline for a variety of industry data
    •Write increasingly complex analysis code
    •Perform an independent data analysis with an industry data set

    Start dates 


    Duration: 15 Weeks


    Duration: 15 Weeks


    Duration: 15 Weeks

    Dauer: 15 Weeks
    Dauer: 15 Weeks
    Dauer: 15 Weeks

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