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Mentoring für Onlinekurse. Welche Vorteile bietet Mentoring für Lernende und warum sind sie besonders wichtig, um programmieren zu lernen und Data Scientist zu werden.

Mentoring & E-Learning – Dear online course providers, we need to talk…

When their motivation wanes, just 5 to 15 percent of all course participants complete their online courses. The reason for this is not always the learners, but the fact that they do not receive sufficient support during the learning process. Yet too few online course providers offer mentoring. We’ll clarify how mentoring can ensure your learning success and how you can recognize good mentors.

Data Knowledge

Basics of Robotics: definition, types and use

A few decades ago, robots were pure science fiction, but today a life without them is hard to imagine. Robots have taken on a variety of different tasks. In this article, we explain how robots work and how these small, programmed machines can help you with difficult or dangerous tasks.

Datengetriebenes Management in Unternehmen
Data Skills

Bye-bye gut feeling – Master data-driven management in 5 simple steps.

Every day, we make numerous decisions in our personal lives as well as in our professional lives. Especially as a manager, our decisions have a great impact. If you listen to your gut feeling alone, you are setting the stage for bad decisions. Data-driven management is the path to success. But how does data-driven decision-making work in everyday business life? We’ll show you how to implement data-driven management in five simple steps.

Data Skills

How do I become a Data Scientist?

Hardly any profession is currently as in demand as that of data scientist. It’s no coincidence that the profession is gaining in popularity among companies and academics, because it is one thing above all: demanding. In this article, we’ll explain to you exactly what tasks data scientists carry out, what the requirements are for the job and how you can start your career as a data scientist.

Python Programming lernen
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Hot Skill 2021: Why Learning Python This Year Will Pay Off For You

When it comes to learning a new skill, we’re faced with a handful of options and are spoiled for choice. Our demands are correspondingly high. It should be easy to learn, highly valued, lead to quick results that should help us personally and in our careers. If one skill meets all these requirements, then it is the programming language Python. You think it’s only for IT people? Far from it, and we have 7 reasons to convince you.

Women in Data scholarship. Apply until June 10th 2021.
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#DiversityDrivesData: With the “Women-in-Data” scholarship for more women in the data industry.

#DiversityDrivesData, that’s the motto of the “Women in Data” scholarship from StackFuel and Telefónica Deutschland / o2. For years, women have been underrepresented in the data industry and the COVD-19 pandemic seems to have further reinforced this inequality. Yet the data industry in particular thrives on diversity and different perspectives. We want to actively promote these through the scholarship and break down barriers. Learn more about the background, application criteria and how you can win one of 50 scholarships in the blog article.

Datenbasiertes Entscheiden in Unternehmen - Data driven Managment
Data Skills

Data Literacy: How can companies act in a data driven way?

Many companies are sitting on a treasure trove that they are guarding but not using. Although they have been diligently collecting data for years, companies often fail to turn it into insights and incorporate it into their business decisions. That’s because they don’t know what it takes to make it happen and how to embed a data driven focus throughout their organization.

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