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For most people, applying for an education voucher arises from the desire for a new career start. But how is the education voucher applied for and what information do the job center and employment agency need to approve this application?

Education voucher made easy - The fast way to your free continuing education

An education voucher enables further education without own costs. However, the application for an education voucher is not always approved, because for this...
Header graphic in "Don't be afraid of IT jobs" blog article: man with cellphone in hand working on computer.

Don't be afraid of IT jobs: Why you don't have to be a math ace

Math is not your thing, but you still want a well-paid IT job? In this article, we'll show you which...
Header graphics in Data Analytics Training for Clerks blog article: man at laptop analyzing a dashboard.

Data & analytics training for clerks: salary and opportunities for promotion

Clerks are often responsible for creating files, statistics and evaluations. These tasks are changing due to the ...
Infographic in the Data Analytics Jobs blog article: "Data Analyst vs BI Analyst vs Data Scientist, Skills, Job Descriptions and Salary Comparison".

Data Analytics Jobs in Comparison: Data Analyst vs. BI Analyst vs. Data Scientist

There are several career paths in Data & Analytics, ranging from Data Analysts to BI Analysts to Data...
Header graphic in article: "How to use ChatGPT to simplify your work" shows a robot head with various AI associations.

How to use ChatGPT to make your work easier

ChatGPT revolutionizes the workday with its advanced technology. Learn how you can use ChatGPT for your work....
Artificial intelligence: How is it changing our working world? Companies are increasingly turning to AI and automation to reduce the workload of employees, speed up projects and increase productivity.

ChatGPT: Your new colleague, artificial intelligence. Can she take over your work?

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Now it is also gaining a foothold in the working world and changing...
Header image in article:" The top 5 professions for career changers:inside in Tech 2023" shows hands on keyboard in front of screen with data

Top 5 occupations for career changers in Tech 2023

IT specialists are in high demand today. Nevertheless, many people shy away from a lateral entry into the IT industry. However, if you are...
Cover image tech & IT skills blog: 2 person working on laptop".

These 5 tech & IT skills are worthwhile in 2023!

IT specialists are currently in desperate demand. Nevertheless, many people are reluctant to make a lateral move into the tech industry. In this article, you will learn...
These five people are about to go digital. To best navigate the digital world of work, digital literacy is extremely important. Learn how to expand your digital skills with our Membership.

Membership: These are the skills companies should invest in 2023

Digital competence is more important today than ever before. But what skills do companies actually value today? We explain to you here...
Difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist explained simply.

Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst - Which profession suits you more?

Become a data analyst or data scientist? The choice is difficult for many. Find out which job would suit you best...