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Webinar for companies

How do companies determine their training needs?

Further training for employees is becoming increasingly important. For companies, they are now a sure way to solve the shortage of skilled workers internally and to retain employees in the long term.

In this free on-demand webinar, you'll learn all about how to identify training needs in your organization.


Crash Course: Introduction to Big Data and Data Analytics

To kick off StackFuel Membership, we've put together a free webinar for you from the exclusive microlessons in our members area.


Your path to subsidized continuing education with the Qualifizierungs-
opportunity act

In this free on-demand webinar, we'll give you all the relevant information about the QCG and explain how you can apply for funding.


Data Storytelling: Learn the Core Competency of Data Scientists and Data Analysts

This free on-demand webinar shows you how to analyze data and derive a data story and present it in an appealing way.


How do I choose the right training provider for me ?

What makes a good training provider? It pays to take a close look if you know how. We show you what you can look out for and give you useful tips.


Jupyter Voilà: A tutorial to better display and present data

In this free on-demand tutorial, you'll create your own Voila application prototype and learn to communicate data in an understandable way.

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Meet StackFuel graduate Frederick

Friedrich is a newly certified data analyst and talks about his experiences and aha moments in the
Data Analyst Course.


Meet StackFuel graduate Vidhya

Vidhya completed her Data Scientist training and shares how she is rebooting her career as a mother of two.


Apply for an education voucher: guaranteed to work!

In this video, our continuing education advisor Maria explains how you can easily apply for an education voucher and what the requirements are.


What opportunities does a lateral entry into the tech industry offer?

In this video, our continuing education advisor Maria explains why the lateral entry is currently particularly worthwhile for you and how it can succeed.


Become a data analyst or data scientist? A decision aid

In this video, our Data Nerd Ali, explains the differences and similarities between Data Analyst and Data Scientist.