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StackFuel Company Brochure

Our brochure gives you a quick overview of our state-approved training in data, analytics, AI and programming and your benefits.

Educational Data Scientist Jobs at Stackfuel

Checklist: Applying for an education voucher

Apply for the education voucher step by step. This way, not only the application is successful, but also the conversation with the employment agency or the job center!

Marketing Jobs at Stackfuel

Survey Results: Data Literacy at German Insurers

The survey by the German Insurance Academy (DVA) and StackFuel shows the state of data literacy in the German insurance industry and where....

IT System Administrator / System Engineer Jobs at Stackfuel

Data Literacy Guide: The Silent Crisis

Data training probably isn't on your 2023 L&D roadmap yet, so these 5 reasons will convince you why ....

Infographic: 5 reasons for enterprise-wide data literacy

In the free data literacy infographic from StackFuel, we give you a brief summary of the current state and importance of data literacy in Germany.

Comparison Chart: Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist

Even though the two job titles are becoming more common, many are still unclear about how they are distinguished.

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