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StackFuel is one of the leading online education providers in Data Literacy, Data Science and AI. Learn who we are and how we work. 

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Get to know our teams.

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Stefan Berntheisel

CTO & Co-Founder

Stefan is responsible for our learning platform and the areas of engineering and content.

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Leo Marose

CEO & Co-Founder

Leo is responsible for managing sales, marketing and communications. 

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Anton Portianko

VP Operations

Our operations team ensures that all processes run smoothly both externally and internally - from training administration and mentoring to human resources and financial planning. 

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Martin Heidrich

VP Revenue

Martin is responsible for managing sales for B2B and B2C customers as well as for the Growth division.

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Fabienne Mizrahi

Head of People & Culture
The People & Culture team plays an active role in shaping our corporate culture and is responsible for the well-being of all employees.
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Alexander Eckrot

Head of Educational Content

Our Educational Content team creates and optimizes online learning resources, laying the foundation for our trainings.

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Christian Scheb

Head of Engineering

Our team of developers ensures a particularly user-friendly learning experience with an optimal technical infrastructure.

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Ginesh Koottakara

Head of B2B Sales

Our B2B team develops customized training programs for companies and supports them in systematically building data competencies.

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Natalia Dark

Head of Growth

Our growth team ensures maximum relevance and attention among potential target groups with specific marketing of our products.

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Maria Schwenke

Head of B2C Sales

Our B2C team is responsible for selling our products to the end customer. Suitable training offers are found through personal consulting.

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Tareq Damoon-Lux

Head of Creative & Brand

The creative team gives our company and our products an unmistakable identity with the highest recognition value.

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Hendrik Vorster

Head of Training Operations
Our Mentoring & Administration team ensures an excellent learning experience and successful completion of the training.
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Maximilian Barth

Lead New Business & Strategic Partnerships

Our business development team brings new partners on board and assists with funding programs.

This is our story.


Conception of the further education platform "dataX Academy


Foundation & launch of the continuing education platform StackFuel


Telefónica Deutschland becomes first B2B customer


Cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency via AZAV certification


Winning the German E-Learning Award together with Deutsche Bahn


approx. 70 employees, over 5,000 people trained

These values are our daily compass.

We love learning.

We believe in the principle of lifelong learning and continuous personal development. We see external and internal feedback as the basis for becoming a little better every day.

We are data nerds.

Data is our passion. We work every day to establish data-driven thinking and action in companies. We advocate an active data culture and identify potential based on data.

We want solutions, not problems.

Whether you're an intern or a manager, at StackFuel we take a proactive approach to challenges. We always focus on the solution, not the problem.

We are colorful.

At StackFuel, we include everyone. Our diverse personalities and skill sets are what make our team strong and successful. We enjoy developing sustainable training and services together.

We strive for the highest quality.

The quality of our products is close to our hearts. Our trainings always have the claim to be the best on the market. We put our customers at the center of everything we do.

We listen.

We create a culture of discussion in which everyone can stand up for their opinion and be heard at all times. We act openly and honestly with each other and treat other opinions respectfully and constructively.

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Prices and certifications

We have received several awards and are AZAV-certified.

TÜV NORD CERT GmbH AZAV accreditation emblem in black and white.
2021 eLearning Journal Award for StackFuel GmbH in competence development, black and white design.
Business Punk May 2021 cover highlighting Top Startup Employer StackFuel in bold monochrome design.
BPW Berlin-Brandenburg logo with Wi-Fi-like graphic and modern font on white background.
2020 Digital Top 50 Finalist logo in sleek black and white design.
Logo for Gründer Digital Innovation Contest with a pixel-style G and bold text on white.
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