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The StackFuel team

We help companies close their data skills gaps.

Scalable workforce development.

To address the digital business transformation and the upcoming skills gap in data and AI, our StackFuel team helps companies in industry and business effectively and efficiently train their employees for future job roles.

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Data training is our passion.

We love learning.

We believe in the principle of lifelong learning and continuous personal development. We strive to always be the best version of ourselves.This is true for StackFuel, for our courses, and most importantly for us as a team. We strive for the highest quality.

We strive for the highest quality.

The quality of our products is close to our hearts. Our courses always aim to be the best in the market. We aim to provide our customers with the most sustainable learning experience that is technologically and didactically possible today.

We focus on solutions, not problems.

At StackFuel we take a proactive approach to challenges. We always focus on the solution, not the problem. When we can't reach our goal alone, we support each other as a team to achieve our goals together.

We are data nerds.

Data is our passion, and we’re committed to working to bring data-driven thinking and action to companies. We advocate for an active data culture and develop new and better solutions together. We want to constantly develop StackFuel and our courses together with our customers.

We are diverse.

At StackFuel, we don't exclude anyone. Our unique personalities and skill sets make our team strong and successful. We enjoy developing sustainable training together, taking all perspectives into account. We embrace new ideas and opinions to continually evolve our products.

We listen.

We’re creating a culture of discussion where everyone can be heard at all times. We act honestly with each other and treat other opinions respectfully and constructively. We encourage everyone to play a constructive role, to find the best solutions for us and our customers.


We dream of a world where professionals use data and AI to drive business and innovation.

AI 85%
Data 95%
Deep Tech 70%
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Join our StackFuel team.

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Enthusiasm AT A GLANCE

Get to know our teams.

CEO & Co-Founder
Together with the StackFuel team, Leo Marose wants to make data skills accessible to everyone.
Our Product team of experienced data scientists and data analysts keeps our trainings on track.
CTO & Co-Founder
Together with the StackFuel team, Stefan Berntheisel is committed to the digital revolution of the EdTech sector.
Our Engineering team ensures that our learning environment and Data Lab are always up-to-date.
Sales and Business Development
Our sales department brings new customers from business and industry on track and brings new partners on board.
Marketing and Design
Our marketing and design team puts the finishing touches on our brand and gets our courses in shape.
Training Operations Management
Our TOM team accompanies all our participants from the start of the training to the final certificate.
HR & Team Management
Our Human Resources team puts our newbies in the nest and our office in high gear.

Awards and Certifications

StackFuel is Germany’s leading training provider for upskilling and reskilling programs in Data Literacy, Data Science and AI. We have received several awards and are certified according to AZAV.

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