Grundlagenwissen für datengetriebenes Denken und Arbeiten

Data Scientist (en)

Course description

Data Science is a professional field with incredible potential that will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. The demand for qualified data scientists is very high, as there is a serious shortage of skilled workers in this area. Because of this, the data scientist job role is considered one of the most desirable and in-demand careers across various industries. In the age of digitalization, data science skills are as unique as they are sought-after: expertise in data analysis, programming skills in Python, and using machine learning and deep learning. Our Data Scientist – Focus on Python course enables participants to generate, verify and interpret predictive models from data in order to communicate the model results efficiently. Skill development in machine learning qualifies participants for the role of data scientist or other analytical roles upon successful completion of the course.

In this course you will learn:  

  • Facilitate data-based (automated) decision making
  • Implement relevant data science projects using knowledge from your own subject domain
  • Make data-based business predictions
  • Apply performance metrics and supervised and unsupervised learning models with sklearn
  • Use data storytelling principles
  • Best practices of informative design of visualizations with bokeh algorithms of supervised and unsupervised learning such as decision trees and random forests
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    Target Audience  

    This course is suitable for anyone who wants to analyze data and use it to make predictions as a basis for data-driven decisions. In addition, you should have an interest in machine learning.

    Prerequisites for participation 

    A good knowledge of Python and common modules (Pandas, Matplotlib) is required for the Data Scientist course.
    Online course
    108 hours
    3 modules + 8 business cases + 1 final project
    German or English
    Certificate of completion
    €3,990.00 plus VAT
    €4,748.10 incl. VAT

    Course overview  

    Data Literacy

    Python is the number one programming language for machine learning and data science and is relatively easy to learn - even for beginners.


    Apply your knowledge in interactive practical assignments and a final project in which you implement your own data science project with real data sets.

    engagiertes Mentoring

    This course will qualify you directly for role of data scientist as well as other analytical roles in data teams.


  • Use supervised and unsupervised learning models with sklearn
  • Build data pipelines and analyze performance metrics to optimize models
  • Use supervised learning algorithms such as decision trees and random forests and support vector machines in depth

  • Insights into deep learning and applying artificial neural networks with Keras

  • Apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) principles to analyze text data

  • Learn model agnostic methods to interpret models

  • Get to know big data methods with PySpark

  • Implement independent data science projects with real data sets
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    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks

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