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We renewed our company values in May 2021. Together with our new vision and mission, they’re what StackFuel stands for as a company, our principles and the foundation for our work. Corporate values are meant to be core philosophies that guide a company and its employees. When they are convincing internally, they particularly influence the way a company presents itself to partners and customers and how employees interact with each other. When a company’s culture aligns with its core values, this creates a consistent, positive environment for all stakeholders.

According to the Achievers Workforce Institute study, “One Culture: The Business Impact of Organizational Alignment to Company Values,” companies with a highly embraced culture and innovation strategy experience 30 percent higher growth in company value and 17 percent higher profit growth. Diversity as a value is particularly rewarding for companies in the long term. McKinsey’s “Diversity wins” report, a follow-up to “Why diversity matters” (2015) and “Delivering through diversity” (2018), shows not only that its original business case still holds, but also that the relationship between diversity on leadership teams and the likelihood of financial outperformance has strengthened over time. This shows that companies should pay even more attention to their diversity, even if they are already relatively diverse. We, too, are committed to this development, to be as colorful as we can.

We live in a complex, interconnected world in which globalization and technological progress are shaping the diversity that makes up our modern society. Yet this diversity requires careful nurturing and conscious promotion in order to unlock the true value of its invaluable potential. When we talk about diversity in a business environment, we are talking about much more than gender, background and ethnicity, but also different religious and political beliefs, education, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientation, lived culture and disabilities. Fostering such a diverse and inclusive workplace makes it possible to realize tangible external and internal benefits. It is important to note that initiatives will look different in each company. Diversity means different things to different people, and each company should embed this in their values and live it out in their culture in their own unique way.

Here’s what’s behind StackFuel’s values

Company values should be more than empty templates or a vanity parade. As you can probably already guess (after all, we’re talking about core values in this article), we at StackFuel believe that companies should have authentic, thoughtful values that form the foundation for their employees and their actions. We’re very proud of our own core values – not just how we chose them, but especially the degree to which our entire team has embraced them. Values are the foundation for getting a sense of the big picture, even in day-to-day operations, and they ensure that every single member of the team knows what true success means to StackFuel. Company values are essential to any workplace. They give actions a motivating, deeper purpose and guide decisions that benefit the bottom line.

1 We love learning.

At StackFuel, we believe in the principle of lifelong learning and continuous personal development. We strive to always be the best version of ourselves and value input and feedback from outside and inside to get a little better every day. This applies to us as a company, to our trainings, and most importantly to us as a team. Together, we are committed to the highest quality.

2  We strive for the highest quality.

The quality of our products is close to our hearts. Our courses always aim to be the best on the market. We put our customers first. In doing so, we aim to provide our customers with the best and most sustainable learning experience that is technically and didactically possible today. At StackFuel, we are committed to ensuring that our work is always professional and that our customers enjoy learning. That’s why we act in a solution-oriented way.

3  We want solutions, not problems.

Whether you’re an intern or a manager, at StackFuel we take a proactive approach to challenges. We always focus on the solution, not the problem. In doing so, we are able to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and take their perspective into account when finding solutions. If we can’t reach our goal alone, we support each other as a team to achieve our goals together.

4  We are data nerds.

Data is our passion and we are committed to spreading data-driven thinking and action in companies. We advocate for an active data culture and are not afraid to identify challenges and potentials in a data-driven way, address them openly and develop new and better solution together. We want to constantly develop StackFuel and our trainings together with our customers.

5  We listen.

At StackFuel, we encourage active exchange among ourselves. We create a culture of discussion where everyone can stand up for their opinion and be heard at all times. We act openly and honestly with each other and treat other opinions respectfully and constructively. We actively solicit feedback from our team, encouraging everyone to contribute constructively to the design process so that together we can find the best solutions for us and our customers. In this way, we continue to evolve.

6  We are diverse.

Diversity is important to us, so we take care not to exclude anyone. Our diverse personalities and skill sets are what make our team strong and successful. To make the data industry more colorful as well, we promote diversity through campaigns such as the “Women in Data” scholarship, which offers women free training to become data analysts. We also enjoy developing sustainable training courses and services together, taking into account different perspectives. We welcome new ideas and alternative opinions to continuously develop our products or processes.

Our reason why – we want to create this world together with you

We look forward to a better future. The Corona pandemic and advancing digitalization have pushed us all to reach beyond ourselves and not only identify opportunities, but also seize them. We believe we should not stop here, because the first important steps have been taken to take full advantage of the great benefits of our digitalized world. Digitalization and datafication are not just something that happens to us, but ongoing developments that companies, employees and society want to actively shape.

StackFuel’s Mission: Empowering people to build the future with the latest technology.

Our world is becoming more and more complex and so are our decisions. Today, numerous factors have to go into decision-making to ensure that the outcome takes us in the right direction in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we need to close the global skills gap in data and AI, and not just for a few, but through always-on, certified educational opportunities and career development at all levels of business and society. This is the only way to unlock the full potential of these technologies and achieve true innovation. In this way, we are addressing the biggest problem of our current labor market – a gaping skills gap between what companies can currently deliver and what is actually possible through the latest technologies. For us, people are at the center of this idea. We see a world in which all people can actively and competently use these technologies and acquire critical knowledge at any time and from anywhere. No restrictions, no compromises.

StackFuel’s Vision: We envision a world where technology skills can be learned by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

A big reason for our clear vision is our customers, who contribute to this positive future and understand how data literacy, data analytics, and artificial intelligence can contribute to it and accelerate the journey towards it. StackFuel launched in 2017 with an ambitious vision, and we have always been empowering people to create a better future using the latest technologies. If we succeed, everyone will have equal access to learn and use these technologies, no matter when or from where. In doing so, we’re contributing to equal opportunities in a diverse, digital world and aim to always develop and advance this as a company, a brand, and a team.

If you want to learn more about StackFuel and the world of data, visit our website and if you also share our vision and want to join us in creating a world that knows no barriers to technical knowledge, join the StackFuel team!


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Laura Redlich
Laura Redlich
As an authentic Berliner, Laura quickly joined the creative and start-up scene. After studying Media and Communications Management at Media Design University of Applied Sciences, Laura worked as the editor in charge of Finance, Tech, Data and AI at IQPC and interviewed well-known industry pioneers at conferences. At StackFuel, Laura is steadily adding to the Content Lab - our varied offering of free content, webinars, and publications.

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