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Data analytics and Python scholarship for refugees from Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has pulled the rug out from under many of those directly affected. Many of them had to leave everything behind and now find themselves in completely unfamiliar territory in neighboring Ukrainian countries such as Poland or Germany. In order to offer refugees with at least B2-level English skills long-term job prospects in Germany, we have developed a scholarship for refugees that flexibly trains qualified specialists to become Data Analysts in just a few months. Find out all about the Ukraine scholarship here.

How to apply in 3 simple steps

Application start date is June 20th, 2022 and no end date or maximum number of scholarships to be awarded has been set for the promotion. New courses start on an ongoing basis. Next possible course start date is August 1st, 2022.

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A safe haven

Since Putin launched the war of aggression on February 24, an estimated 10 million people have already fled Ukraine. Germany is one of the main destinations of Ukrainian refugees. Since the war began, more than 800,000 people from Ukraine have crossed the German border, among them mostly women and children. 58 percent of the refugees have come to Germany together with their children.

We looked at the demographic distributions in more detail. Almost 40 percent of the refugees are children. Among adult refugees, about 80 percent are female with an average age of 38. Forty-two percent said they wanted to stay in Germany for the time being. In addition to traumatic aftermath and worries about relatives left behind, concerns about an uncertain future are an additional burden.

92 percent were employed or in training in Ukraine before fleeing, and about half have a university degree and many have worked in academic, technical or medical professions. Professions in which there is an acute shortage of skills in Germany, which is why it is important to quickly get refugees who want to work into meaningful work that matches their skills.

It is worth investing in these skills to help refugees enter the labor market. The fact that most refugees do not speak German can make it difficult for them to enter the German labor market. In addition, it can take time to have Ukrainian educational qualifications officially recognized in Germany. Therefore, we want to train refugees in a profession that offers the possibility of working in both English and German and that is desperately sought after.

We would like to train Ukrainians living in Germany as data analysts in order to offer them future-oriented job prospects here. For this purpose, we have developed a scholarship that covers the entire cost of our data analyst training. The full scholarship for refugees is worth a total of 4,790.00 euros per course participant.

Data and tech jobs preferred

“Data analysis is one of the most sought-after skills of the decade. Almost all departments, such as marketing or finance, need experts who can work with data. With our online trainings, we specifically teach data skills that are useful in all disciplines. That is why we are pleased to be able to pass on this offer specifically to war refugees from Ukraine who have recently arrived in Germany and would like to pursue a career as a data analyst. By doing so, we hope to offer a long-term professional perspective and thus contribute to peace and the digital transformation of Europe,” said StackFuel founders Leo Marose, CEO and Stefan Berntheisel, CTO.

The IT industry is considered one of the fastest growing industries and already today there are more unfilled IT positions than graduates:in order to meet the growing demand of the labor market.

96,000 positions in the IT (information technology) sector cannot currently be filled in Germany. That’s almost 10,000 more jobs than in 2021, and the shortage of skilled workers has worsened by 12 percent in just one year. More than 8,000 jobs have been advertised in the data sector alone. Yet IT and data are industries that are ideal for career changers.

We believe the data analyst profession is particularly suited. So let’s take a closer look at what the job entails. Data Analysts are analytically minded data experts with great communication skills. With the help of informatics, mathematical and statistical methods, they cleanse and examine a company’s data for trends and developments.

With their presentations of the analysis results, they help specialist departments and management to make important strategic decisions. For example, when a new product is to be launched and it has to be decided who the right target group for this product is. They are sought and hired in almost every industry and specialty.

Even though the job is more male than female in Germany, women in particular are suitable and desired for the job of data analyst, as it requires a lot of creativity, detail orientation and communication skills. In addition, the profession is varied, often flexible as far as the place of work is concerned, possible in English in many companies and it offers versatile, professional opportunities.

It is particularly important for refugee women who are caring for the children who arrived with them to be able to work in a profession that offers them a flexible work model. For this reason, the further training as a data analyst included in the scholarship is also geared toward flexibility in terms of location and time.

Shaping the future together

With our scholarship for refugees, we support Ukrainian citizens who have fled to Germany. We strongly believe that education and the professional perspective that comes with it is the way we as StackFuel can best help in the current situation. For this reason, we are awarding free online training in Data Analytics and Python to motivated talents from Ukraine currently living in Germany.

Ukrainian war refugees enjoy a special legal status in Germany. In addition to visa-free entry, they are recognized directly as refugees without having to go through a months- or even years-long asylum procedure. This gives them a great opportunity to find their own housing, to send their children to school, and to accept job and educational offers.

Equally affected by the war are, of course, people who have had to flee Ukraine but do not have Ukrainian citizenship themselves. Since they do not fall under the same protective umbrella of the mass influx directive, they unfortunately do not have the same opportunities to take up work and educational offers in Germany. However, according to current figures, 98.4 percent of refugees are Ukrainian nationals. Just 1.6 percent come from Africa, Asia or the Middle East.

Nevertheless, we hope that an arrangement can soon be found for these people as well. Until then, unfortunately, they cannot be included in the scholarship for refugees, as we would like to give the scholarship holders a professional perspective that also depends on the applicable regulatory conditions.

How digital skills contribute to peace

What we encounter in this war situation as fake facts, hacker attacks and trolling is basically a classic war propaganda strategy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Facts are increasingly difficult to identify as true or false in the noisy information noise. We have known with what power an information war can hit us at the latest since a fake video, a so-called deepfake of Ukraine President Volodymyr Selenskyj was published. In this video, he calls for surrender and ordered Ukrainian forces to lay down their arms and surrender to the Russian military.

Disinformation is the most effective propaganda weapon of our time and once again demonstrates the importance of digital literacy and data literacy in our increasingly complex world. Where hacks, forgeries, and misinformation deceive the search for truth, we need people who can recognize them and commit to truth and peace with the help of digital literacy.

With our scholarship for refugees, we hope to actively support our democratic society and a free world. Peace cannot be built on good hopes alone. Qualification is the key to maintaining truth and peace in Europe and beyond its borders. In our view, this can be achieved above all through digital empowerment.

Learn your dream job for free!

Are you ready for a data career or to take off in your job with data-driven, analytical work? Then this scholarship is made for you!

The full scholarship is designed to qualify refugees to work with data, bringing fresh talent to data teams. Scholarship recipients will receive online training as a data analyst including mentoring from StackFuel with a total value of 4,790 euros for the year 2022. These costs are covered 100 percent by StackFuel, so there are no costs for scholarship recipients.

We want to encourage both male and female refugees to qualify for the tech and data industry. If you had to flee from the war in Ukraine and are motivated to learn a digital, future-oriented profession, we would like to invite you to apply for our Data Analytics Scholarship for Refugees.

Take your chance and apply now!

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Laura Redlich
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