Top 5 IT jobs for a career change in 2023

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The skilled worker gap in Germany is still growing. Many companies will continue experiencing major problems filling important IT positions in 2023. This is why more and more IT professions are becoming more appealing to career changers, as companies are becoming increasingly open to lateral IT entry.

Bar chart in IT jobs for a career change "Number of tech/IT jobs to be filled in the German economy as a whole" blog article.
Study by Bitkom Research [2022]

But jobs for career changers also require certificates, qualifications and skills. Companies need a guarantee that career changers can carry out their new role professionally. This is where online training comes into play. Online training is particularly practical for IT professions, as participants can learn the subject matter in a virtual programming environment.

After passing such a further education course, the skills learned can be proven to employers with an official certificate. In the following article, you will find out which professions you can enter through online continuing education and what you should be able to do for these professions.

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Career change as a data analyst

Data enables companies to make better business decisions. However, most companies lack trained professionals who are able to analyze the data they collect. One role that is therefore in demand by many companies is that of Data Analyst.

As a Data Analyst, your job is to cleanse data and perform analyses based on that data. These data analyses enable you, as a data analyst, to draw insights from the data to inform and support executives in making business decisions.

However, the Data Analyst role requires specific skills. A data analyst requires basic programming skills in programming languages such as Python. Furthermore, certain mathematics and statistics skills are required. In addition, logical thinking, analytical skills and strong communication skills are required.

In the past, it was mainly graduates of STEM courses who worked as data analysts. Today, however, it is not necessary to have a degree to learn all the necessary skills and to be able to venture out toward a career as a data analyst.

Online training courses include StackFuel’s “Data Analyst Focus Python” course, which teaches training participants all the necessary skills to work as a data analyst within three months on a part-time basis. The best thing about it is that your previous professional experience helps you learn and get a job after the training.

Career change as a Data Scientist

A Data Scientist has very similar tasks to a Data Analyst. However, a Data Scientist needs to have a few additional skills that a Data Analyst does not necessarily require for their job. For example, a Data Scientist uses more advanced mathematics and statistics skills. This is because a Data Scientist often works with artificial intelligence and should also be able to set up machine learning algorithms. This enables Data Scientists to achieve even more accurate predictions and automate processes in the company.

A lateral entry as a Data Scientist is also quite achievable. The online “Data Scientist Focus Python” course enables career changers to work as data scientists in companies after they have completed their retraining.

It should be noted, however, that it makes sense to already have programming knowledge prior to this course. You can acquire this basic knowledge in another of our courses beforehand.  You should also have a basic aptitude for mathematics and statistics if you are considering a career as a data scientist.

Career change as a Python developer

You have already heard of Python in connection with data analytics and data science. In fact, this programming language is also very suitable for a specialization.

Python developers are sought after by many companies, thanks in large part to the many application areas offered by this programming language. Python is highly popular in backend, mobile app and game development. This makes the ability to program in Python versatile. Despite all this, Python is very easy to learn compared to other programming languages.

All this makes Python one of the most suitable professions for career changers. There are many ways to learn Python online. Among them are free courses that offer the advantage of an official certificate from a recognized provider on completion. It can be particularly advantageous for beginners to be supported in their learning process by experienced mentors, as is the case with StackFuel as part of the retraining. With an education voucher from the employment agency, you can even take advantage of this training free of charge.

Career change as a BI Analyst

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to analyze business data in real time. However, many companies lack the necessary specialists for this. That’s why many companies are happy to use career changers in this field.

As a BI Analyst, you usually work with already cleansed data from which you can draw business-relevant insights. You prepare the insights you draw from this data visually using dashboards, among other things, in a way that makes them easy to understand for stakeholders without data knowledge.

The role of BI Analyst is particularly suitable for career changers because there are now suitable self-service BI tools such as Power BI. These allow you to draw insights from large amounts of data without programming skills.

The online “BI Analyst Focus Power BI” training course is particularly well suited for this purpose, as apart from Power BI basics, you will also learn SQL and statistical basics. In addition, you will also be taught how to effectively communicate the findings of your data analyses to a stakeholder using data storytelling.

Career change as an SQL developer

SQL developers are experts in the administration and implementation of relational databases. As an SQL developer, you ensure that the databases run efficiently, securely and that the data is accessible to all authorized persons. An important part of the job description of an SQL developer involves queries with the SQL database language.

SQL developers are in demand everywhere, as companies wish to expand their data infrastructures in the course of digitalization. SQL developers are in particular demand for this. The first step to start a career as an SQL developer is to learn the SQL query language. The easiest and quickest way to do so is to take an online course that offers you a virtual programming environment in which you can gain practical experience and thus be optimally prepared for your day-to-day work. In StackFuel’s SQL online course, you will learn the most important SQL basics within one month.

Conclusion: The 5 best professions for career changers

In this article, we have highlighted five well-paid professions that are relevant for you as a career changer. Each of these five professions can be learned online within a few months and offers you the chance to enter a crisis-proof and easily accessible career field.

If you have more specific questions about how to learn these professions or which of these professions best suits you, our training team is here to advise you free of charge.

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Louisa Krützfeldt
Louisa Krützfeldt
Louisa is a Berlin native and Junior Data Scientist at StackFuel. She studied biochemistry in her hometown and bioinformatics in nearby Potsdam. After graduating, she worked in medical research, where she was particularly involved in analyzing medical data to research cancer prognosis in children. Analyzing the vast amounts of data was very valuable to Louisa and she fondly remembers the feeling when she was able to extract relevant, actionable information from the data. Louisa wants to bring this valuable skill and her excitement for data analysis to learners at StackFuel and make it a fun experience.

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