Women in Data: Interview with winner Marina

Our Women in Data: Marina is one of 50 winners. She applied for the “Women in Data” scholarship from StackFuel and Telefónica Deutschland out of a difficult life situation and wanted to reshape her professional life. The pandemic year 2020 changed her life abruptly, but Marina took the courage from this experience to reorient herself professionally.

Women in Data: Wir haben mit 4 Gewinnerinnen unseres Women in Data Stipendiums gesprochen und viel erfahren über Berührungsängste mit Mathematik und Daten, ihre Motivation Data Analystin zu werden und wie sie sich auf das Stipendium beworben haben.

Women in Data: This is why Elisabeth is becoming a data analyst

Our Women in Data: Elisabeth is one of 50 winners of the “Women in Data” scholarship from StackFuel and Telefónica Deutschland, and she almost didn’t even apply. A friendly email was the deciding factor for her to have the confidence to apply and develop professionally.