Apply for the education voucher in 7 steps.

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Applying for an education voucher made easy

Free continuing education thanks to an education voucher? That's only possible with the approval of the job center or the employment agency. However, many do not know how to apply for the education voucher - even with a job!

We have collected all the tips so that you can easily apply for an education voucher. Our checklist helps you step by step with the education voucher application and prepares you optimally for the counseling interview at the JC or the BA.

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The checklist is ideal for you if you...
Want to know what info you need for the application
Want to find out if you qualify for an education voucher
you want to prepare yourself optimally for your appointment with the employment agency or the job center
Looking for free continuing education thanks to an education voucher

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More tips about the education voucher?

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