Qualification for the job role as data scientist

Data Analytics & Data Science (certification course)

Course description

The certification course Data Analytics and Data Science to become a data scientist enables you to independently clean, process and visualize data and to develop and verify complex forecasting models. In addition to knowledge of the Python programming language, the machine learning concepts taught ensure that you can work in analytical roles, e.g., as a (junior) data analyst, (junior) business intelligence analyst or (junior) financial analyst, and in advanced analytical roles, e.g., as a (junior) data scientist or (junior) machine learning engineer, after successfully completing your course as a data scientist. The Data Scientist certification proves your new knowledge and skills and thus enables you to make a successful career change.

In this  course you will learn:  

  • How to independently scan, clean, and filter data
  • How to explore and analyze data using descriptive statistics
  • How to develop and verify complex prediction models
  • How to create scripts in the Python programming language
  • How to build data models to predict business use cases
  • How to develop machine learning algorithms
  • Best practices for effective data visualization
  • Data storytelling methods
  • Target Audience  

    The target group for the Data Analytics & Data Science certification course are job-seekers, unemployed people, or people on furlough or at risk of imminent job loss who would like to have the course funded with an education voucher via the employment agency or the job center.

    Prerequisites for participation 

    No prior programming skills are required for the course. You have to pass a placement test in mathematics and statistics in advance and prove that you have a B2 level of German and a A2 level of English.
    Full-time (35 hrs./week)
    4 months (518 units)
    5 modules + hands-on projects
    German or English
    Certificate of completion
    0 € with education voucher