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StackFuel Company Brochure
Everything at a glance: Our brochure will give you an overview of our courses and StackFuel as Germany's ...
Five reasons for company-wide data literacy

The infographic accompanying the Data Literacy Handbook summarizes the top 5 reasons and ...
Guideline Data Literacy: The silent crisis​
Data training probably isn't on your L&D roadmap 2022 yet. These 5 reasons will show you why ....
How companies are solving the data literacy crisis
In his interview for our guide, "Data Literacy: The Silent Crisis," Leo Marose takes ... 
Checklist for applying for an education voucher
Free continuing education thanks to an education voucher? That's possible...and easier than you might think! Our...
Comparison Graphic: Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist
Even though the two job titles are becoming more common, many people are still not clear on how they are distinguished.
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Info webinar: The best IT jobs for career changers without a degree
Are you on short-time work or looking for a new, crisis-proof job? In this free info-webinar you can find out about your job opportunities and how StackFuel can help you.. (Always on the first Wednesday of the month.)

Wednesday, May 17th 2023
3:30 - 5:00 pm
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