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StackFuel Company Brochure
Everything at a glance: Our brochure will give you an overview of our courses and StackFuel as Germany's ...
Guideline Data Literacy: The silent crisis​
Data training probably isn't on your L&D roadmap yet. Learn 5 reasons why ....
Five reasons for company-wide data literacy

The infographic accompanying the Data Literacy Handbook summarizes the top 5 reasons and ...
How companies are solving the data literacy crisis
In his interview for our guide, "Data Literacy: The Silent Crisis," Leo Marose takes ... 
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Women in Data: Interview with winner Marina

Our Women in Data: Marina is one of 50 winners. She applied for the “Women in Data” scholarship from StackFuel and Telefónica Deutschland out of a difficult life situation and wanted to reshape her professional life. The pandemic year 2020 changed her life abruptly, but Marina took the courage from this experience to reorient herself professionally.


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Our subsidized training courses will prepare you for the job roles of data analyst or data scientist. Find out more about our funding opportunities that will allow you to become a data expert free of charge through the job center or employment office.

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