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Quickstart Deep Learning  EN

Course description

Deep learning is one of the most exciting topics in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence right now. Deep Learning models are already being used in numerous and groundbreaking applications in research and industry – from autonomous driving and predictive maintenance to the automation of logistics processes. Deep Learning is increasingly becoming a game changer, especially when it comes to real-time processing of images, text and speech recognition. In our Quickstart Deep Learning training, we give you will get a practical introduction to the theoretical basics. You will learn how to apply deep learning models by using neural networks for image recognition, using Python, TensorFlow and Keras to automate complex connections in a meaningful way.

In this course you will learn:  

  • Distinguish between machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • Understand neural networks and their learning behavior
  • Use Keras and Tensorflow to develop neural networks independently
  • Carry out an order automation with an image classification system
  • Apply a warehouse automation with CNN
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    Target Audience  

    This course is aimed at Python programmers, data scientists, and anyone who wants to understand how neural networks work and gain initial hands-on experience with deep learning techniques.

    Prerequisites for participation 

    No prior knowledge or programming skills are required beforehand for the training. However, you should have the general motivation to get to grips with a complex topic.
    Deep Learning Training
    Online course
    6 hours
    2 modules + 5 practical tasks
    Certificate of attendance
    €290.00 plus VAT
    €345.10 incl. VAT

    Course overview  

    Data Literacy

    Apply and consolidate what you learn in interactive practical tasks on ordering and warehouse automation to use it later in everyday life.


    Determine the difficulty level yourself with optional in-depth tasks and modify algorithms for exclusive additional skills.

    engagiertes Mentoring

    In this course you’ll dive into the world of complex image classification using Convolutional Neural Networks.


  • Understand basic concepts and learn the difference between the terms machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning
  • Understand shallow and deep neural networks and create your first deep network architectures
  • Learn the basics of CNNs and compare the performance of conventional neural networks with CNNs

  • Optimize CNNs independently, e.g. with hyperparameter tuning

  • Start dates 


    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks

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