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Data Storytelling EN

Course description

In our Data Storytelling course, you will learn in six steps the most important techniques for effectively communicating data-driven results and abstract statistical concepts in order to successfully deliver a presentation that is appropriate for your audience.

In this course you will learn:  

  • How to apply the 6 most important techniques of data storytelling to your own presentations
  • To effectively transform data-driven results into graphics and slides
  • How to create storyboards
  • Play Video

    Target Audience  

    This course is aimed at anyone who needs to present data-driven results in their company and at anyone who wants to expand their existing presentation skills with up-to-date visualization methods.

    Prerequisites for participation 

    No programming skills are required for the Data Storytelling course. However, you daily routine should include using computers and common software applications.
    Training Data Storytelling
    Online course
    6 hours
    6 modules + 1 final project
    Certificate of attendance
    €239.00 plus VAT
    €284.41 incl. VAT

    Course overview  

    Data Literacy

    In this entry-level course, we'll give you the skills to present data-related results in a compelling way, tailored to the specific target group and to create vivid graphics.


    You'll learn how to create an effective story around your data, and we'll teach you the most important techniques for storyboarding.

    engagiertes Mentoring

    You will create a storyboard based on a use case relevant to your daily work and present it to our experts. You will receive feedback from us in a director's cut.


  • Understand why it is important to give good presentations
  • Gain an initial overview of data storytelling
  • Learn about methods and aspects that influence presentation creation

  • Set the context: character, tone and goal of a presentation

  • Understand why stories are important

  • Learn story writing techniques

  • Learning about storyboards with an example

  • Understand advantages and disadvantages of specific chart types

  • Guidelines for choosing appropriate visualizations

  • Start dates 


    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks

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