Basics for data-driven thinking and working 

Data Driven Management Course

Course description

The digital transformation poses major challenges for many companies. To gain a competitive edge and be successful in the future, companies need to pursue big data and AI projects in particular. Successful implementation of these transformation processes requires good management. And this is exactly where data comes into play: on the one hand, managers need to develop their skills to make data-based decisions and, on the other hand, ensure that their employees work in a data-driven manner. StackFuel’s Data Driven Management course is designed specifically for managers with HR responsibilities. During the course, you will get an overview of the most important data roles and valuable recommendations for action from renowned data experts from industry and business. The course is rounded off with a toolkit for implementing data strategies and building necessary structures and core competencies in your company.

In this  course you will learn:  

  • Gain an understanding of the added value of data-driven decisions
  • Learn how to implement data-driven decisions in practice
  • Learn the theoretical basics of data strategies, data management & data thinking
  • Gain an understanding of the needs of data experts
  • Develop data strategies with data thinking
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    Target Audience  

    The course is suitable for leaders such as project managers, team leads, department heads and CXOs who are interested in data-driven work themselves and promoting it in their team.

    Prerequisites for participation 

    No prior experience is required for the Data Driven Management course.
    Online course
    6 hours
    3 modules + 5 business cases
    Certificate of attendance
    €890 plus VAT
    €1,059.10 incl. VAT

    Course overview  

    Python skills

    In this course, you will dive into the world of data and build data literacy skills. 

    Multi-level access

    Learn about handling data professionally from leading data experts and their day-to-day work. 

    Image Classification (CNN)

    Apply and consolidate your knowledge in interactive tasks so you can apply what you learn in everyday life. 


  • The relevance of data-driven decisions
  • Creating value from data
  • Avoiding pitfalls when implementing data strategies
  • Aspects of data quality

  • Job roles and profiles

  • Organization of data teams

  • Designing data strategies for generating value from data

  • Designing data-driven business models & processes

  • Using design thinking to develop successful data products

  • Start dates 


    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks


    Duration: 5 Weeks

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    Director Marketing

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Ab, minus dolore id aut vero illo.

    tel:+49 (0) 40 4733 6303