Qualification Opportunities Act

As a company and employee, you can benefit from the Federal Employment Agency's offensive to qualify employees and prepare for the working world 4.0

How can you benefit from the Qualification Opportunities Act?

Boost your training budget

Push for new skill profiles

Training courses are often relatively expensive. The Federal Employment Agency's “Qualification Offensive” gives you the chance to prepare your employees for the digital world of work and to increase employee satisfaction. You will receive financial support to develop your employees’ skills and equip yourself for structural change with subsidized further training or retraining. This funding encourages you to invest in your existing employees in the long term.

The Qualification Opportunities Act came into force on 1 January 2019 as part of the German Government's "Qualification Offensive" and replaced the previous “WeGebAU” program (training for low-skilled and employed older workers in companies). With the increase in state subsidies and the group of people eligible for subsidies growing, the German Government is strengthening employees to prepare for new requirements and skills on the job market for the first time. A new component of the law is the right to further education guidance. Employers turn to the Employer Service (AGS) and employees to their respective employment agency or job center.

What are the benefits for you?

Payment of up to 100% of training costs

Subsidies on wages of up to 75%

Qualifications for existing staff

Increase in employee satisfaction

Right to further education advice

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Who receives funding?

Employees - regardless of qualification, age and company size 

Employees who want to reorient or develop themselves within the company

Employees who are particularly affected by structural change

People in so-called bottleneck occupations where there is a shortage of skilled workers

What is supported?

The funding opportunities refer to an adjustment qualification according to the Qualification Opportunities Act §82 SGB III. 

Small companies

<10 employees


<250 employees

Larger companies

>250 employees

Large companies

>2.500 employees

Company Size

up to 100 %

up to 50 % 

up to 25 %

up to 15 %

Training costs covered

Up to 20 % for company agreements and collective agreements with qualification elements 

up to 100 % for employees aged 45 and over or with severe disabilities

up to 75 %

up to 50 %

up to 25 %

up to 15 %

Workers' compensation allowance

(for employers) 

up to 100 % in the case of missing vocational qualification and vocational qualification-related further training, e.g. partial qualification or preparation for an external examination. 

Within the framework of the "Work of Tomorrow Act", which came into force on 29 May 2020, simplified application and approval procedures are planned to further improve further training support for employees. For 2021, it is planned to be able to apply for funding benefits for a larger number of employees also as a collective application to the Federal Employment Agency.  

From 1 October 2020, a transformation subsidy will also apply, which will make it possible to increase the subsidy for further education costs as well as wage cost subsidies for all company sizes under certain conditions: 

  • +5 % if company agreements or collective agreements are in place
  • +20 % if at least 10 % of the employees are not expected to meet the company's requirements or no longer meet them in part and a qualification plan is drawn up

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What are the requirements?


Education or training

The last comparable further education or original training must have taken place at least four years ago in order for there to be a sufficient need to update qualifications.


Qualifications gained

The training must provide future-oriented qualifications that go beyond purely job-related and short-term adaptation training.


Minimum duration

The qualification measure must have at least 121 teaching units of 45 minutes each.  


Location of the training course

The training course must be provided outside the company or by an approved provider in the company.


Further education provider

Both the training provider and the measure must be certified according to AZAV. StackFuel meets both of these conditions.

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 Subsidised training, step by step

StackFuel is the perfect partner for you. We specialize in digital training and retraining programmes for data analytics, data science and artificial intelligence. Our courses are certified according to AZAV and ZFU and therefore eligible for funding. Take the opportunity now and prepare your company and your employees for the digital future.


Look for a certified training provider, such as StackFuel, that meets the requirements.

Determine the training needs in your company.



Check that the employees concerned are willing to do a training course.  

Coordinate the support with the Employment Agency’s Employer Service and submit an application.



Decide on strategic further education and retraining with your employees.  


Take advantage of the funding provided by the Qualification Opportunities Act and cut costs.


Benefit from highly qualified and motivated employees. 

These companies rely on us 

"The flexible and user-friendly course has completely changed my view of complex data structures. Thanks to the sustainable and well thought-out learning concept, as well as the seamless application of the course content in the coding environment, I can now implement the skills I learned in my day-to-day work in test automation and process data more easily and efficiently."

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