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You can pay by credit card, PayPal or SEPA direct debit mandate. Direct bank transfers are also possible.

Yes, it is! We offer state-subsidised, certified advanced training courses that you can attend with an education voucher and with 100 % cost coverage by the Federal Employment Agency. Employees can also meet the requirements for an education voucher. You can find out whether you are entitled to apply for an education voucher in our blog post “Getting an education voucher made easy – this is how you can get your free continuing education“.

We produce our training courses in-house with our own team of data scientists and experts, who provide personal mentoring for you as a participant during the training. This means that we not only focus on realistic and practical content, but also ensure that all your questions are resolved directly through personal exchange, thus guaranteeing your learning success. Thanks to our “learning-by-doing” principle, you study in our interactive learning environment with realistic data sets and real business cases from the industry and thus prepare yourself perfectly for a successful career start in a data profession.

With StackFuel, you can rely on the market leader and Germany’s most innovative learning platform to develop your data skills in a practical way. In certified learning and career paths, you learn online, flexibly and with 80% interactive content such as practical projects, expert interviews and live coding challenges. In this way, you will succeed in your career as a data analyst, data scientist or Python professional and learn to use data and artificial intelligence professionally. Your new data career begins with your online training at StackFuel.

Here you can get to know StackFuel in detail:

In our online business training courses, you develop your data skills with interactive learning formats. You learn how to deal with data in reality and how to get the full potential from it. Our training content consists of eight percent text content, 12 percent video tutorials, 45 percent quizzes and business cases, and 35 percent coding challenges. At the end of our career paths, the Data Analyst and Data Scientist training, you will have to complete a final project and have your learning success evaluated by our mentors.

We distinguish between individual and general business training demands. Data is becoming increasingly important and is already critical to success when making strategic decisions. Accordingly, basic data skills are now essential in most departments and job roles. Deep data skills are also now required in most organisations and companies are increasingly choosing to build these skills in-house to bridge the skills shortage. In order to determine the need for further training, L&D and specialist departments should jointly create information offers and determine the need for future skills via internal questionnaires. It is important to inform employees about these future skills and how they can affect career paths.

If you have any further questions about our business trainings, career tracks or the membership, please contact our support team directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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