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interactive learning

Training philosophy

Coding Challenges in the Data Lab

Learning environment

"Learning by doing" is our motto. In our Data Lab you will write Python code, program algorithms and automate them.

Real Business Cases

Practical relevance

With us you will work with real-world examples. The data sets from industry and business will prepare you optimally for your day-to-day work.

Dedicated mentoring team


We will guide you from start to finish with weekly webinars and support you individually via email, phone and forum.

Certificate of completion included


Upon completing our courses, you will receive a certificate of completion or participation, which you can use for job applications.

E-Learning online in your browser

100 % online

Our learning environment is cloud-based, and your course will take place online in your browser. So, turn on your computer and get started.

Different language options


Wir bieten unsere Trainings passend für Deine Bedürfnisse sowohl in deutscher als auch in englischer Sprache an.
Help you help yourself

Ensure your learning success with our mentoring.

Our training philosophy is help you to help yourself. We consider it crucial that you feel well looked after throughout the learning process and that you receive mentoring from us whenever you need support. That’s why our dedicated mentors, consisting of experienced Educational Data Scientists and Data Analysts, are available to you at all times. 

In the placement test, we find out which skills you have already mastered. Some of our courses involve prerequisites in mathematics or programming. But don’t worry: you will pass the test with ease and have a total of three attempts.

The final project serves to evaluate your skills and consists of a final practical task in which you apply and expand on all the training content you have learned in the course. You will then present your project to our mentors and evaluate it together with them.

After completing your practical project, you will have the opportunity to arrange a personal feedback meeting with your mentor to discuss your practical project and receive individual suggestions for the future.

Bist Du auf der Suche nach Arbeit und denkst über einen Daten- und IT Quereinstieg nach? Erfahre hier wie StackFuel dir dabei helfen kann.
Personal support

Ensure your learning success with our mentoring.

In the weekly webinars, you will have the opportunity to personally ask your mentor questions about the training content. In addition, you can exchange ideas with other course participants during the webinars.

In addition to the weekly webinars, you can also contact your mentor promptly by email or telephone. This way you can get support at any time in case of problems, so as not to block the progress of your training.

You can also exchange information with other course participants at any time in our online forum. This is especially helpful for maximizing your personal learning success and to connect with like-minded people.

Realistic and practical

Take the next step with our tech career coaching.

In the first step, we help you to get your application documents in the best possible condition. In the second step, we coach you to reach your full potential in the job interview.

After completing the application training, we will add your job profile to a joint talent pool with our partners and search our network of partners and clients on your behalf.

After completing our training, you will have full access to our alumni community. This allows you to stay on the ball and network effectively with others in the data community.

There is no better place to network than at a career event. That’s why we offer our own career events in cooperation with our partners and customers, where you are always welcome as a training participant.

Do You want to increase your learning success with one of our trainings? Find out now how our mentoring and career coaching service can help you to improve.
How you learn with us

Training process

Sample overview of a career path as a data analyst over 12 weeks:

You want to increase your learning success with one of our trainings? Find out now how our mentoring and career coaching can help you.

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