Corporate Data Literacy:
Interview with Leo Marose


In his interview for our guide “Data Literacy: The Silent Crisis”, Leo Marose, CEO and Co-Founder of StackFuel clarifies how companies can solve their corporate data literacy crisis. Download the free interview now and find out who really needs to learn data skills this year and why.

Corporate Data Literacy: Interview with Leo Marose
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The interview is interesting for you if you

Corporate Data Literacy: Interview with Leo Marose

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Data skills are becoming increasingly important for German companies to compete against other market players. As StackFuel members, companies gain access to our content, webinars and training in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. From beginners to old hands, everyone can learn online, flexibly and independently and apply what they have learned to their own work in a practical way.

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A clear introduction to the topic of data literacy and data-driven work. With the data literacy training, you will learn how to work with data and acquire basic data competencies in order to process data profitably in your own company.

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The toolkit for executives for data-driven work and decision-making. Receive valuable recommendations for action from renowned data experts from the industry for the introduction of data strategies, necessary structures and core competencies in the company.

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How did DB, IAV and Merck scale up and measure their data literacy?

Corporate Data Literacy

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