Education voucher

If you are unemployed or looking for work, get your further education 100% funded by the Job Centre or the Employment Agency with an education voucher.

What is the education voucher?


The "Arbeit-von-Morgen-Gesetz" has expanded opportunities for funding. For the first time, the Qualification Opportunities Act gives you a legal right to further education guidance in an existing employment relationship.

In the past, subsidised further education was only possible if you were already unemployed. The Federal Government's qualification offensive gives you the chance to prevent unemployment in times of rapid structural change due to digitalization. 

This allows you to improve your employability, especially with regard to the digital transformation, while avoiding gaps in your CV.  

The education voucher is a written commitment from the funding agency, which is either the Employment Agency or the Job Center. It states that the costs of further vocational training or retraining with an approved training provider will be covered 100 percent by the funding agency. In addition, you will receive full payment of your wages. 

What are the advantages for you?

No costs and fully salary continuation

Right to further education counselling

Job security

Expand on skills

Assumption of new tasks or a new role after completing training

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What requirements must be met?

The education voucher is issued for an individual and is non-transferable. It shows the name of the beneficiary or information about the person as well as additional information from the issuing cost unit. In addition, the following information is bindingly stipulated on the education voucher by the funding agency:  


Educational objective

For which continuing education and training courses will the costs be covered? 


Duration of the measure

How long may or should the measure last or what period of time will be funded?


Regional scope

In which city or region may the further education take place?


Period of validity

How long is the education voucher valid?


Cost coverage

Who covers the costs?


Type of instruction

Which type of instruction and form will the course involve?

Important: The education voucher must be redeemed within the period of validity. After approval, it is valid for a maximum of three months. The start date of the course must be within the validity period. If you do not find a suitable educational institution or training course within the period of validity, you must apply for a new voucher.

Please note: The education voucher from the Federal Employment Agency differs from the education bonus and the education cheque. The education bonus is also aimed at people in gainful employment and those on low incomes. The education voucher of some federal states, on the other hand, has low-skilled workers or people with foreign vocational qualifications as its target group.

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Seize your chance now and get fit for the work of the future with an education voucher. 

What requirements do you have to fulfil?

With an education voucher, participants are supposed to achieve a specified educational goal or qualification. The educational goal or qualification is specified precisely on the education voucher and may not be changed by the participant. You can choose the appropriate further education measure and provider yourself.

To receive a voucher, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

Employee - irrespective of qualification, age and company size

Employee who wants to reorient or develop themself within the company

Employee who is particularly affected by structural change  

Person in so-called “bottleneck occupations” where there is a shortage of skilled workers 

Please note: Further education with an education voucher can only be funded if it is necessary to integrate the applicant into the labor market, to avoid imminent unemployment or to make up for a missing vocational qualification.

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Seize your chance now and get fit for the work of the future with an education voucher.  

Where can you get an education voucher?

With an education voucher, the Federal Employment Agency will cover the costs of your training if you are (threatened with) unemployment. The prerequisite for receiving an education voucher is a meeting with the advisor responsible for you at the Employment Agency to discuss your wish for further education or retraining. You will generally receive an appointment with your employment counsellor within four weeks.  

We will be happy to advise you in advance about the most suitable qualification for your re-entry to the job market or deveopment for a new role. If you meet all the criteria, the Employment Agency will issue you with an education voucher that can be redeemed with a certified education provider, such as StackFuel.

Look for a training provider like StackFuel that is certified and supports you in negotiating with your employer and the employment agency.


Make a counselling appointment with your employment counsellor at the employment agency and identify your training needs. 



Work with your employment counsellor to develop a training strategy that suits your needs.

Talk to the person in charge of your human resources department and get a commitment that your training needs will be met. 


Apply for an education voucher in writing to the Federal Employment Agency before you start participating in a course.


Please note: You can apply for an education voucher in person from the relevant case worker at the Employment Agency or Job Center. This is what's called an "optional" benefit (“Kann Leistung” - i.e. there is no legal entitlement to an education voucher.

Tips for the job interview at the employment agency

Job advertisements


Training course

Present relevant job ads you can apply for once you have completed the course. You can also show relevant studies.

Bring things to document your previous application efforts and show application documents and cover letters you sent.

Provide information on your desired training course including job market relevance and your intended educational provider. Make sure that the provider is already certified.

How do you redeem the education voucher?

You redeem the training voucher at a certified training provider, such as StackFuel, which offers the training course that corresponds to your training goal.

The Federal Employment Agency database offers comprehensive information on regional and supra-regional further education courses and certified training providers. 

Tip: Tick "Nur Angebote mit Bildungsgutschein" in the search to offers that are relevant for you. 

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