Basics for data-driven thinking and working 

Data Literacy Course

Course description

Data literacy is one of the most important skills of our modern working world. There is a reason people are referring to data as the gold of the 21st century. But we can’t derive value from data without a link between data literate humans and the data. More and more employees in today’s workplace need to collect, work with and understand data.

With our Data Literacy course, you will get to grips with the topic of data and acquire basic data literacy in order to process data profitably in your own company. You will expand your knowledge of the most important data technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things. By the end of the course, you will have a holistic overview of all the data processing steps and will be able to integrate data into your day-to-day work. Become data literate today.

In this  course you will learn:  

  • Get to know data technologies such as big data or artificial intelligence and learn how to differentiate between them
  • Learn about data processing procedures for data analysis and complex data models
  • Learn how to communicate professionally with data experts
  • Evaluate data projects and data visualizations
  • Play Video