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BI Analyst - Focus Power BI
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Analytics & Reporting - Focus Power BI
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Python - Focus Object-Oriented Programming
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Python Programmer - Focus Object-Oriented Programming
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SQL & Relational Databases
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Data Analytics & Data Science (certification course)
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AI Driven Management
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Python Basics
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Data Literacy
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Data Driven Management
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Data Analyst - Focus Python
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Data Scientist - Focus Python
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Our data science bootcamp offers funded training courses that will prepare you for the job roles of data analyst or data scientist. Find out more about our funding opportunities that can help you become a data expert for free through the Job Center or Employment Office.

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Learning paths

From data literacy courses for beginners with no prior experience to retraining in data science and AI for experts, we cover all career levels.

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Learning by doing is a priority for us – our focus is 90% on interactive formats, real-world business cases and coding challenges.

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We guarantee your learning success - with weekly webinars, support via email, phone or forum and a standardized onboarding and offboarding sessions.
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With StackFuel your learning success stays on track.

Today is a good day for your career. Do you want to prepare yourself for the working world of tomorrow? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our data science bootcamp training courses have been developed by experts to provide you with theoretical and practical content that is up-to-date, industry-relevant and in high demand. With easy-to-understand content, we’ll help you become a data expert and fully exploit the data potential for your company.

Our data science mentors help your learning journey to stay on track in our data science bootcamp.
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Make yourself and your business data confident.

StackFuel is Germany’s leading training provider for data and AI training and a certified training provider according to AZAV. You can get funding for your courses through the Qualification Opportunities Act. Whether you’re looking for data literacy for beginners or reskilling as a data scientist – we have a suitable and scalable solution for your personnel development. 

FREE Guide

Data Literacy:
The Silent Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home, digital learning and collaboration tools a mass phenomenon. But the next business transformation is already upon us: data literacy.

So far, few are prepared for this change. Your workforce’s is the key to remaining competitive and fully exploiting the potential of digitalization. Data training courses are probably not on your roadmap yet. We present the top five reasons why they are essential for you in 2021.

Our data science bootcamp offers free publications and additional material: Data Literacy - The silent crisis. Free Data Literacy guide open for download.

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