Blogbeitrag Women in Data

Women in Data: Germany’s status-quo in 2021

Women are still outnumbered in the data world in 2021. Yet mixed-gender teams deliver more innovation, revenue and efficiency. For International Women’s Day we’re discussing why more women should be seeking data jobs and why companies should encourage encourage women to enter the field.

Blogbeitrag Master Machine Learning

How to master machine learning by outsourcing

There are lots of uncertainties about what machine learning is and actually can do. So, what is machine learning? Simply put, machine learning describes computer algorithms trained with real-world data to build predictive models.

Blogbeitrag Data Literacy Daten-Skills für Unternehmen

Data literacy: How important are data skills for companies and society?

Data literacy seems be just one of many business industry buzzwords, but is probably one of the most important concepts of the decade. Data literacy has the potential to divide society and companies or to become a decisive success factor in a world driven by data. Can companies and employees manage the balancing act between successful digitization and the requirements it demands?