Women in Data: Wir haben mit 4 Gewinnerinnen unseres Women in Data Stipendiums gesprochen und viel erfahren über Berührungsängste mit Mathematik und Daten, ihre Motivation Data Analystin zu werden und wie sie sich auf das Stipendium beworben haben.

Women in Data: This is why Elisabeth is becoming a data analyst

Our Women in Data: Elisabeth is one of 50 winners of the “Women in Data” scholarship from StackFuel and Telefónica Deutschland, and she almost didn’t even apply. A friendly email was the deciding factor for her to have the confidence to apply and develop professionally.

Mentoring für Onlinekurse. Welche Vorteile bietet Mentoring für Lernende und warum sind sie besonders wichtig, um programmieren zu lernen und Data Scientist zu werden.

Mentoring & E-Learning – Dear online course providers, we need to talk…

When their motivation wanes, just 5 to 15 percent of all course participants complete their online courses. The reason for this is not always the learners, but the fact that they do not receive sufficient support during the learning process. Yet too few online course providers offer mentoring. We’ll clarify how mentoring can ensure your learning success and how you can recognize good mentors.

Datengetriebenes Management in Unternehmen

Bye-bye gut feeling – Master data-driven management in 5 simple steps.

Every day, we make numerous decisions in our personal lives as well as in our professional lives. Especially as a manager, our decisions have a great impact. If you listen to your gut feeling alone, you are setting the stage for bad decisions. Data-driven management is the path to success. But how does data-driven decision-making work in everyday business life? We’ll show you how to implement data-driven management in five simple steps.