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In the modern media landscape, the term “digital competency” is used almost as hyperbole. However, exactly which digital competences are meant is rarely mentioned. This misdirection means that digital competences’ run the risk of becoming an empty buzzword. Yet they are indispensable for implementing the digital transformation.

In this article, you will learn why your company should implement digital training and which digital skills your company should definitely invest in. You will also learn how you can best help your company to implement the digital transformation.

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Skills shortage in Germany

In today’s working world, it is almost impossible to remain competitive without the digitalization of business processes. In order to successfully drive digitalization in the company, it is necessary that all employees have the necessary basic digital skills.

However, only 56% of companies have employees with the required expertise to drive the digitalization of corporate processes (Bitkom 2021). The consequence of this is that the pace of digitalization is slowed down. In order to be able to compensate for the resulting competitive disadvantage, corresponding further training measures are necessary. In order to get the most out of digitalization, the right skills have to be promoted.

Here you can see a graphical representation of the Digital Economy and Society Index, in which Germany did not score particularly well. One of the reasons for this is that many German companies lack employees with the necessary digital competency.

What digital skills do you need to be able to do your job in the working world of the future?

The goal of digitalization is not simply to shift processes from paper to computer. There is much more to it than that. All processes in the company should be made more efficient. To achieve this, decisions must be data-driven instead of being based on gut instinct.

In addition, as many processes as possible should be automated in order to relieve employees and thus get a greater return on their labor. To ensure this, the following competences need to be promoted in the company:

– Basic knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence

– Implementation of artificial intelligence in work processes

– Basic understanding of data

– Basics for making data-driven decisions

– Visualization and preparation of data

– Professional communication of data

How can digital competences be promoted in the company?

Many companies have already recognized that it is essential to consolidate digital competences through further training of employees. However, the implementation of internal training is a challenge for many companies. Therefore, many companies resort to external training offers.

The market for training providers who specialize in one or more of these areas is growing, but the quality of what’s on offer is increasingly suffering as a result. Often, not all required competences are covered and learning suffers from the same weaknesses of linear frontal teaching that many still know from school.

In particular, work with data and artificial intelligence are closely linked. In this context, value should be placed on a high practical component of further training that allows employees to apply what they have learned directly to their work. For this reason, we have created the StackFuel Membership, a package of essential digital skills that we continuously adapt to technological developments. The membership thus forms the basis for being able to establish and successfully implement data and AI strategies in the company.

Banner to the free additional interview with LEO Marose on the topic of data literacy in companies

Companies need this combination of skills now:

Membership gives you unlimited access to the StackFuel learning library. With the proven basic training courses such as Data or AI-Literacy and the latest Micro Lessons, you will learn all the digital skills you need to be ready for digitalization and the changing world of work in the shortest possible time.

Membership also includes consultation hours with mentors who are always available to answer your questions and ensure your learning success. You also get access to the Data Community and the StackFuel Content Lab.

Furthermore, regular live events with speakers from the tech industry, regular industry insights and other exclusive partner offers await you. On completion of each membership training, you will receive a recognized certificate of completion, which will enhance your CV and prove your skills. The training courses provide you with everything you need to implement data and AI-based actions in your company.

These are the basics you need to know

Membership is currently based on five basic skills you need. The learning content consists of videos, quizzes and text elements to best reach every learning type. Our focus is on practice, in order to prepare you for the increasingly digital everyday working life.

These further education courses are waiting for you:

Here you can see a short overview of the training courses that make up part of StackFuel Membership. Learn digital competency as a StackFuel member.

In addition to these five basic trainings, micro lessons also form part of the membership. The Micro Lessons provide short insights on specific topics from the areas of artificial intelligence, data and AI management, data literacy, data storytelling and visualization. In addition, we also offer insights and spotlights on related topics.

Here is an excerpt from the Datalab, showing some of our Micro Lessons. With our Micro Lessons, you can increase your digital competency with specific training excerpts.

How to get unlimited access to the training package

Becoming a StackFuel member is easy. All you have to do is visit our membership page and click on the “Membership” button, which will take you to our pricing page. There you can choose the right package for you, depending on whether you are a private customer or want to choose memberships for your team or company. Finally, you will be redirected to a contact form which will connect you with one of our employees.  

Here you can see an excerpt from our pricing catalogue. Through this catalogue, you can become a StackFuel member and increase your digital competency.

Conclusion: companies need to invest in these skills, so our membership is essential

Companies need to invest in the data and AI skills of their workforce to stay competitive. Our Membership helps companies lay the foundation for data and AI-based action. With StackFuel Membership, you’ll prepare yourself and your company to successfully master digital transformation.


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Dr. Alexander Eckrot
Dr. Alexander Eckrot
Dr. Alexander Eckrot is from Regensburg, where he studied Physics. His PhD phase in particular shaped his strong interest in data analytics and programming. At StackFuel, Alexander was able to combine his interests with his joy of teaching. From the very start, Alexander loved working with the team and developing our learning content in the innovative Data Lab. He produced our Data Literacy course and the Data Scientist training, before taking over the management of our Data Science team and the production supervision.

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