Einen Bildungsgutschein zu beantragen, entsteht für die meisten aus dem Wunsch nach einem beruflichen Neuanfang. Aber wie wird der Bildungsgutschein beantragt und welche Informationen brauchen Jobcenter und Agentur für Arbeit, um diesem Antrag zuzustimmen?

Getting an education voucher made easy – The fast way to your free course

An education voucher enables further education at no cost to the employee. However, applications for an education voucher are not always approved, because there are strict requirements for both job seekers and employees. In our article, we’ll show you why an application is still worthwhile and how you can prepare to maximize your chances, with free checklist to download.

Headerbild für den Artikel Stipendium für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine in Deutschland 2022 zeigt die ukrainische Flagge.

Scholarship 2022: Data literacy for European peace

We want to give refugees back a perspective. That is why we have developed a full scholarship for refugees from Ukraine. In 3.5 months, scholarship holders can train to become a data analyst with a focus on Python. In this article, we discuss the opportunities for refugees and clarify the conditions of participation and application steps.

Overview of funding opportunities for further training

Digital transformation and structural change mean our world is in a state of flux. While existing job profiles change, the skill shortage is increasing. But what funding opportunities for further training are there? There are more than 10 programs in Germany from federal and state government. Get an overview of 12 funding programs in Germany to support your professional development in our article.