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Data Analyst in Python

Course Overview

The aim of this course is to learn Python and how to use it for advanced data analysis. After completion of the training, the participant is able, with the help of Python and the corresponding function libraries to:

• Develop new data sources
• Filter and merge data
• Process and analyze data
• Visualize data and insights
• Implement dynamic dashboards

Module 1

Python Basics for Data Analytics

Learning environment and course format

Learn the basics of Jupyter Notebook

Python basic knowledge in the context of data learning analysis

Practice project

Module 2

Data Analyst (Python)

Refresh Python basics

Process data with panda library

Visualize data in Python

Use visualization libraries

Refresh basics in statistics and Python and deepen understanding

Work with different data structures

Apply various preprocessing techniques

Include external data sources

Dynamic reports and individualized

Create dynamic reports and individualized dashboards

Course Commitment

Type: Online on-the-job Training

Level: Medium

Duration: 3 Months

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